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Explore your production application in real-time.

Dive into the code, move backwards and forwards in time, and even write queries on live production data. This is not log file analysis, this is observing your actual processes in production.

Always online, running in the background in production. When you have a problem Retrace will always be there to show you what happened.

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Key Features

Time travelling debugging

Move backward and forward in time through your live production application.


Search the data and code within your live production application.

Data lineage

Select any output and navigate back to the inputs e.g. for a divide by zero error navigate back to where the zero first appeared.


Use the Retrace REPL to write queries on your live data and code.

Observability using data science

Access Retrace through a Jupyter notebook bringing your favourite data science tools to help track and analyse issues, and visualise any part of your data code in production.

Key Benefits

Root cause analysis

No need to try to reproduce errors offline on your local computer. See what happened in production in the cloud.


Instantly review where any result came from and how it was produced.

Visualise live data

Collect, explore, alert, and correlate all telemetry data types to help you create better customer experiences. Understand critical incidents that occurred and proactively prevent them from recurring.

Machine Learning Pipeline

See what is happening in your machine learning pipeline in production.

No need to try to reproduce errors offline on your local computer. See what happened in the cloud. Instantly review where any result came from and how it was produced.

Python Backend

See what is happening in your live production application. Use our search function to go directly to the problem and then click back to find the root cause of the issue.


Retrace has been granted patents in the UK and US. Details are as follows:

Title: Methods and systems for recreating a program state

UK Publication number: GB2593858

Filing Date: 30 January 2020

Grant Date: 21 February 2023

Full details: here


US Application US17/794,878

Priority claimed from GB2001309.0A: 30 January 2020

Application granted: 23 January 2024

Full details: here

How does it work?

Retrace works by recording your program as it runs, and then streaming a near live replay.
When the program is replayed the Retrace evaluator gives the program full provenance, allowing you to click back on any value to see the full trace of how that value was computed.
You can also search your live production data and code, making it easy to track down issues.


Retrace is available for Python programs and will soon be available for NodeJS. Retrace works with Python >= 3.6. We add a single library. No changes to your program are necessary, and no developer input is required. It will just work in exactly the same way.

When your program runs you can access Retrace via a browser. This gives you the full program running with full provenance and allows you to navigate back through the code in the live production system, but without impacting production in any way.

About us

Retrace is a technology company based in London, UK. Our mission is to bring end to end data visibility through applications and databases, transforming business transparency.

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