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Explore your production, distributed application in real-time.

Dive into the code, move backwards and forwards in time, and even write queries on live production data. This is not log file analysis, this is observing your actual processes in production.

Always online, running in the background in production. When you have a problem Retrace will always be there to show you what happened.

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Key benefits

Bug fixing

Never have to hunt down the origin of a divide by zero error again.


Replay pricing decisions from any point in time.

GDPR data

Trace personal data through time.


Instantly review where any number came from and how it was calculated.

Security tracing

See where and how an intruder accessed your application.

Data masking

Give developers access to production systems while masking sensitive banking data.

About us
Retrace is a technology company based in London, UK. Our mission is to bring end to end data visibility through applications and databases, transforming business transparency.
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